3 Fold Treatment Plan

Our prime concern is to give immediate attention to the existing complaints of pain, pressure, fever, cough etc.

  • But the next target is to see that the immunity is raised to a level that the problem does not strike again.
  • The ultimate target, however, is to diagnose minute stress points and loop holes in the personality. These are   gradually reduced to a level where they do not cause strain and therefore do not lead to any other physical problems.

The primary objective being to address the cause & not just the effect.


Family Treatment Plan

We have observed that treating the entire family as a unit helps them understand and evaluate the entire family structure & give them not only the appropriate homoeopathic medicine but also recommend dietary & lifestyle changes that can be beneficial to the entire family.

The need for a family approach?

Everything come super-sized today – Bigger responsibilities, bigger demands, and greater expectations.

All of it leading to bigger problems in the long run.

There are not one but several environmental factors responsible for the break-down of the human machine. Holistic Healing is the call of the day – for the health of the individual and the entire family.

This is what we term as Family Dynamics.

Let us see a typical picture of a stressed out family.

The father is stressed because he has to provide for the family. He wants to give the best and the latest. The stress of this guilt (G-STRESS) reduces his work efficacy instead of increasing it. Then he comes home to a child who feels deprived of the love and attention of his father. This child is already in this negative state. He cries to gain attention, which further stimulates the G-STRESS of the father. The end result – a frustrated father shouts at the child.

The child’s stress of being unloved has reached its peak – he falls sick. He now needs extra attention from the mother. The mother has several problems at work with a colleague. She is trying hard to keep the family happy and deal with a jealous male colleague at office. The result is that the mother’s stress of competition (C-STRESS) and responsibility (G-STRESS) reach a peak and she comes down with elbow pain – acute synovitis of the joint. Now we have a family that is sick in the body as well as mind.

How do we deal with this?

The child needs a remedy for the fever, which understands his basic problem of neglect and eases this feeling in him, leading to a more secure and a better-behaved healthy child.

The father needs a remedy to relieve his guilt feeling and give him the freedom to work without the burden, thus creating better work efficacy and happy moods and reduced risks of physical problems

The mother needs medication for her synovitis, which will also understand her stress at work and free her from her sensitivity to the envious situation. She goes on to feel free at work. She is now least bothered of the environment and can make best use of her time for work as well as her children.

All the energy of the family that was being used up negatively is now totally STRESS FREE AND UTILISED IN BEING HAPPY TOGETHER.

Let’s us take another example, this time of a mother who is a little fearful by nature. Every little thing upsets her. She reads the newspapers and is convinced that the next theft would be in her house. Her husband returns late from work and she fears he met with an accident. These for an adult are minor fears, which we can reason out. But these in a pregnant woman directly affect the child. The child will also manifest the same fears, the same traits and the same negative emotions of the mother. When a pregnant mother takes Homoeopathy, not only is her state calm and healthy, but the child born is also in a much peaceful and healthier state of mind. The reflection of this is positively seen in his behaviour, his physical development and his body immunity.

When you can help your family and create a better environment around you why settle for anything less!